Find and unlock your apartment

Before your arrival we will be sending you two codes electronically.
One code will unlock the main entrance door to the house during the night and the other code will open the door to your flat. 

We will not be around when you arrive - so finding and unlocking your apartment will be contactless.

Upon arrival at Geidorfgürtel 21, always follow the green doors!

Anreise: Eingangstor

First go through the smaller green garden gate (always open) at Geidorfgürtel 21 and you will be in our courtyard. Then walk staight and alongside the building (the parking spaces for various “color” flats will be on your right) - you will find a green entrance door towards the the middle of the building and up two steps.

Eingang Schubertstrasse 16 v2

The front door locks itself during night times.

To unlock please use the silver numeric keypad on the left.
First press the "key sign"  Schlüssezeichen am Türschloss,
then enter the code of the green door, which will be sent to you,
then press the "key sign"  Schlüssezeichen am Türschloss again.

Codeschloss Schubertstrasse 16

After opening the front door, you will find the yellow flat on your left, the white flat on our right
and all other colors (blue, green, yellow) on the first floor.

These are the doors to the yellow and white flat.

yellow flat door
white flat door

Your will find the blue apartment (blue flat) in on the first floor  -  on your left.

blue flat door

The green and red flat are located behind this green-red door on the right side of the first floor - which is always unlocked.

green+red flat entrence door

Open this and you will find:

green flat door
red flat door


There is a small black numeric keyboard next to each apartment door.

Wohnung finden: Eingangstüre zum Apartment entsperren

Please enter your personal code (see below), wait until the door unlocks automatically, then push the door handle down and open the door. 

Your Code will be the last 6 digits of your phone number, which you registered when booking with us, over or airbnb. If there are one or more zeros (0) in these last 6 digits, please replace these zero(s) with the number(s) before the last 6 digits of the telephone number.

Example without zeros: The telephone number with the number 01234 567891 - becomes code 567891. Example with zeros: The telephone number 01234 506078 - becomes code: 345678, which will be the access code for your entire stay. 

To lock up when leaving the apartment, press the "Back" button „◄“ on the keypad. 

The code for the green front door to the building does not unlock your own apartment door. Both codes are different!

Please fill out a guest sheet!  This is located on the table in your apartment.

Telephone contact if help is needed:
Andreas Leitner: +43 676 4655770
Gudrun Ecker-Eckhofen: +43 676 4655771

Thanks for allowing us to host you  - we wish you a relaxed and happy time in the beautiful city of Graz and your apartment. 

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