Find and unlock your apartment

We work contactless - so it is very important to read the check-in messages that we send you beforehand. This is the only way to get access to your apartment.

Two codes will be sent to you electronically prior to your arrival - so please be sure to open the link within the message. One code locks the front door at night and the other your apartment.

Please note that there are one or two steps depending on the entrance and that four of the apartments (blue, red, green and orange) are on the first floor.

yellow, white, blue, green and red flat (orange below). 

Anreise: Eingangstor
Eingang Schuberstrasse 16

Upon arrival at Geidorfgürtel 21/Schubertstrasse 16, first go through the smaller green garden gate (always open), then in the courtyard area keep right beside the house until you reach the green entrance door. The front door is locked at night.
On the ground floor is the "yellow flat" on the left and the "white flat" on the right.
On the first floor you will find the "blue flat" at the end of the stairs on the left and the "green + red" flat behind a green/red door that is always unlocked.

orange flat

Eingang Schubertstrasse 16A
Eingang Schubertstrasse 16A

The front door that leads to the orange apartment is located directly on Schubertstrasse and has the house number 16a (please do not confuse with house number 16, which is in the same house but further away from the bakery). You will find the door right next to the glass entrance door of the Sorger bakery. The front door is locked at night.
The apartment door to the orange apartment is on the first floor.



For all flats

Codeschloss Schubertstrasse 16

Front door: To unlock please use the silver numeric keypad on the left.
First press the "key sign"  Schlüssezeichen am Türschloss,
then enter the code of the green door, which will be sent to you,
then press the "key sign"  Schlüssezeichen am Türschloss again.


Wohnung finden: Eingangstüre zum Apartment entsperren

Apartment door: There is a small black numeric keyboard next to each apartment door.
Please enter your own code, which we sent you electronically beforehand, wait until the door unlocks automatically, then press the door handle down and open the door. This code remains valid throughout your stay. 
Please lock the flat when leaving, by pressing the "Back" button „◄“ on the keypad. 

The code to your apartment does not unlock the front door. Both codes are different!
Please fill out a guest sheet!  This is located on the table in your apartment.

Arrival and departure day
The earliest check-in time on the day of arrival is 3:00 p.m. and the latest check-out time is 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

Telephone contact - only in case of emergency:
Katja: +43 676 4655777
Andreas: +43 676 4655770

Thanks for allowing us to host you  - we wish you a relaxed and happy time in the beautiful city of Graz and your apartment. 
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