House rules and our general terms and conditions

Our rules:

  • Check-in: 15:00
  • check out: 10:00
  • After your arrival please fill in a guest form (available in the apartment), both we and you as a guest are legally obliged to do so.
  • Please smoke outside only. Always throw cigarette remains into the designated container near the large electric gate.
  • The parking of cars or motorbikes is only allowed at the designated "color" parking spaces. If you requird car-trailer parking please inform us. This will be charged extra. Parking of trucks is not permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • We separate garbage - there are separate garbage containers in the garden/yard area also near the green gates.
  • Please no noise on Sundays, public holidays or on weekdays after 22.00 o'clock and before 6.00 o'clock.
  • Please no parties, events or invitations of several guests in the apartment or garden!
  • Please ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in your flat – open the windows!

Please use the apartment with love, our next guests and we would appreciate it!

Our terms and conditions

1. Signing of the agreement

1.1. Booking requests of the client (hereinafter referred to as "guest") can be communicated to personally, by e-mail or directly via this website. Your booking will always be redirected to a booking platform called "Smoobu". By submitting a booking request, the guest expresses his or her agreement to conclude a rental contract on the basis of the terms and conditions presented here. With the booking the contract is considered as concluded and binding. 

2. Arrival and departure

2.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, it is not possible to move into the apartment before 3 pm on the day of arrival. The guest will check in independently so nobody from will be present when guests arrive or depart. Before arrival guests will be sent an electronic description and necessary codes to unlock the apartments. 

2.2. The check out is by 10 am on the day of the guests departure. If the room is not vacated by this time, is entitled to charge double the room price per day, as subsequent guests may have to be re-quartered in hotels. In case the agreed and reserved apartment is not available, for whatever reason, is not obliged to provide a replacement, but has to refund the price paid by the guest.

2.3. Reserved rooms can be occupied at any day or night time after 15 o'clock, as this is a self-service check-in. may only be contacted in case of an emergency.

3. Services and price

3.1. The services that are contractually agreed upon can only be obtained from the information on this website or the information on the booking platforms used (Airbnb, The price includes accommodation, electricity, water, heating, bed linen, towels, WLAN, parking space and, for an aditional fee which is included in the total price, the final cleaning as well as the tourist tax of the city of Graz. Deviating prices and services must be explicitly stated in writing.

3.3. The longest booking period is 90 days. 

4. Payment

4.1. In case of direct booking or booking via the website, the total amount of the booking is due immediately by credit card payment or PayPal, unless other arrangements are made in writing. In case of payment by invoice, the payment has to be made to the account of at least four weeks before arrival. In case of an early departure, the remaining amount of the unused service will generally not be refunded. 

4.1 When booking via booking platforms such as Airbnb or, the total amount of the booking is due immediately and is booked directly from these platforms.

4.2. For all payment obligations, the legal location is Graz.

5. Cancellation policy

5.1. If guests cancel, will try to re-rent the cancelled apartments. As re-rentals are uncertain and rates could very likely be different guests have to pay following cancellation fees.
Until 14 days before arrival  -  free of charge,
until   7 days before arrival - 50% cancellation fee of the total rental charge,
after  7 day before arrival  - 100% cancellation fee of the total rental charge.

For long term rentals (over one week) other cancellation fees may apply. These need to be agreed between GrazRentals and the guests. 

If agreed between guest and GrazRentals, cancellation fees can be reduced by subletting the apartment to other guests. Any resulting credit woulld be settled and returned to the guest at the earliest 14 days after the guest's originally planned departure date.

6. Liability

6.1. The guest is liable for all damages caused to the apartment by himself/herself or other persons under his/her responsibility. Guests have to inform of these damages as soon as they happened – latest and in writing within 7 days after departure and will then invoice guest accordingly to the damage.

6.2. Any use of the apartment, the garden or the parking lot deviating from the agreement leads to immediate termination of the contractual relationship  - without notice.

6.3. If is hindered to fulfill its services due to force majeure events, has no obligation to pay damages. However, is obliged to refund the total amount of the booking. 

6.4. is liable for the correctness of the service description and for the proper provision of the contractually agreed service.

6.5. Warranty:

6.6.1. If a service is not provided or not provided in accordance with the contract and in accordance with customary business practice, the guest may demand rectification.

6.6.2. The guest can demand a reduction of the price corresponding to the reduced performance (abatement) if after a fruitless request for remedy, services are not or can not provided. The guest is obliged to do everything reasonable in the case of possible service disruptions in order to contribute to a rectification of the disruption and to keep possible damages to a minimum. The guest is particularly obliged to inform immediately of any complaints or disruptions. If the guest does not meet these obligations, he/she is not entitled to any claims.

7. Special instructions

7.1. Pets are not allowed.

7.2   The guest is obliged to fill out a guest sheet, which must hand over to the Graz Municipality on request.

7.3.  Smoking in the apartments or in the staircases is expressly prohibited. Outdoor ashtrays are provided for this purpose.

7.4   The parking of cars is only allowed at the parking spaces marked with the respective name of the apartment and is reserved for the guests of the respective apartment only. It is expressly forbidden for guests to allow anybody else, the use of these parking space.

7.5   Any noise on Sundays and holidays or on weekdays after 10 p.m. and before 6 a.m. is not allowed. is entitled to demand from the guest the cessation or reduction of undue noise. A refusal of the guest leads to a termination of the contractual relationship without notice.

7.6.  Any odor nuisance or ventilation in the corridors or staircases is prohibited. has the right to demand that the guest stops undue odor nuisance. A refusal of the guest leads to a termination of the contractual relationship without notice.

7.7. Parties, events or invitations of several guests to the apartments or the garden are not permitted.

7.8. The guest has to ensure sufficient ventilation by opening windows.

7.9.  Any violation of common decency by the guest entitles to immediate cancellation of the contract with offsetting of their contractual claims for the period of the booking. is to be compensated for any further proven damages.

7.10. Lost and found items (broken down items) will only be returned on request and at a charge (freight collect). undertakes to store them for one month. After this time, the items will be handed over to the local lost property office, provided that there is an apparent value.

7.11. There is no liability for money and valuables. The safekeeping of any valuables of guests in the apartment including musical instruments or electronic devices is the responsibility of the guest. is not liable for any luggage placed in the basement of for short-term storage. 

7.12. The return of the apartment has to be in the following condition: 

swept clean, dishes washed, windows closed.

7.13. Information provided by or its staff of all kind is given by to the best of its knowledge, but without guarantee.

8. General information

8.1. Austrian law applies.

8.2. For all disputes arising from this contract and its fulfillment, the jurisdiction of the court in Graz shall be used, as far as legally permissible.

8.3. Should a provision of these termes be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of any of the other provisions. Instead of the invalid provision, a provision equivalent to it shall apply. Verbal agreements only become effective when they have been confirmed in writing by The correction of errors as well as printing and calculation errors is reserved.

Status of general terms and conditions: 24.02.2020

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